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Opt-In Email Marketing

Advertise with OptIn Lists and start and start seeing results within minutes!
OptIn Lists offers cost-effective solutions for eCommerce sites, direct marketers, or any person that is ready to drive hits to its site. OptIn Lists guarantees that as an advertiser, you pay only for result. Contact us today to find out why OptIn Lists is leading supplier of performance-based targeted opt in email marketing.

Targeted Email Marketing
In addition to targeting by country and state, OptIn Lists offers one of the most targeted permission-based advertising packages to reach your niche market. Over 150 interest categories to select from.

Why is OptIn Lists better than the rest?
Because most other direct email companies use lists that have been acquired thorough various partnership deals. The people on the receiving end of those lists originally signed up for something other than your advertisement.

Advertising Method: Average Response:
Banner 0.5-1%
SPAM / Bulk E-Mail 1-2%
Other Opt-In Programs 5-15%
Optin-Lists.net 35-65%

OptIn Lists is different! Our members sign up, tell us what they are interested in, and they fully anticipate your offer! In fact, they can't wait to hear from you. That is why OptIn Lists has the highest "Click Thru" ratio in the industry!

OptIn Lists is true 100% permission-based marketing!

OptIn Lists is 100% permission-based highly Targeted E-Mail Marketing program. Our members are true consumers, looking for your offer. This means you will get a higher percentage of customers and a better return on your Advertising Dollar! If you choose to advertise with Optin-Lists.net, you get anywhere from a 35-65% return! That means if you send an E-Mail Advertisement to 1000 Members, you can expect between 350 and 650 hits!

Enjoy Targeted Email Marketing!

  • Target a specific category with your email
  • Over 150 interest categories to select from
  • Solo E-mail allows a direct relationship with customers
  • E-mail is today's "killer app"
  • E-mail is typically the first thing people check when they go online
  • Sending an e-mail campaign is an extremely cost effective method of marketing
  • The response rate for opt-in e-mail campaigns are very high
  • Due to the very nature of opt-in email you are sending relevant information to an audience who have expressed interest in receiving it.
  • E-mail campaigns usually run very quickly.
  • Starting at $29 - Order Now
  • The results can be instantaneous. Within hours you will start to see results!

The process of running an email campaign is very simple
Contact us and provide basic information about the campaign:
  • How many e-mails do you want send out?
  • What kinds of selections and targeting do you want?
  • What is your budget?

Next we match your requirements with our e-mail lists and respond with a proposal.

All advertising clients have full access to their comprehensive campaign statistic. The tracking service allows you to check your stats in real time by URL or date.

$29.95 Opt-In Marketing Service 100

$99.95 Opt-In Marketing Service 500

$149.95 Opt-In Marketing Service 1000

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